For assistance with service of process, please send an email to OGC-Info@email.arizona.edu

or leave a voicemail at (520) 621-3175.

As the University’s in-house counsel, the OGC is responsible for addressing the wide range of complex and highly specialized issues affecting institutions of higher education. As counsel for the University, we draw upon the expertise and perspectives of our attorneys to help the University advance its vision, achieve its goals, and find solutions to problems by providing professional, timely, and knowledgeable advice and representation. We utilize a dynamic team approach to serve as integrated counsel, collaborating with departments and units in planning, developing, and implementing strategic initiatives. Always striving to proactively avoid problems and assist clients in the refinement and achievement of their objectives, we in OGC promote a heightened awareness of issues that may arise in the legal context. Our clients count on us for dependable interaction, solid legal advice, outreach, and training activities with University administrators, faculty, and staff. With optimism and enthusiasm, the Office of the General Counsel welcomes every opportunity to work with our University partners.

Laura Todd Johnson
Senior Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel
Office of the General Counsel

Laura Todd Johnson